How to convert an OST file to PST file online

This online service allows you to perform an OST2PST conversion using any device (Windows, Android, iOS and other). You do not have to have Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server or Windows Domain Controller installed on your device. All you need to do is upload your OST file to the service in the same way that you would upload files to a cloud storage service (such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and wait for the service to automatically convert all the files and provide you with a converted PST file to download.

How to convert .ost to .pst file online

Steps for obtaining a PST file from an OST file:

  1. Uploading your OST file to the server

    You can upload the OST file to the server on the service's home page. To upload a file:

    • Select the file on disk
    • Enter your e-mail (so that you can receive notifications when the conversion is complete or if the conversion session is terminated for some reason)
    • Click Next step

    Once you click the Next step button, the OST file will begin to be uploaded to the server. The software on the server will analyze the original OST file and convert it to a PST file, if possible. By leaving your browser window open, you will be able to monitor the status of the conversion process in real time. If you close the browser, then when the conversion process is complete you will receive a message with a link, which will take you back to the status screen with the current state of the conversion process.

  2. Preview

    You will be given information about the following when the conversion is complete:

    • The size of the original OST file
    • The size of the converted PST file
    • The structure of folders with data in the PST file

    You can then click the Next step button.

  3. Payment

    In order to download your converted PST file, you will need to pay using PayPal, which allows you to use a credit card as well as other payment methods.

  4. Downloading the PST file

    Once payment is complete, the user will see a Download button to obtain the converted PST file.


    • The size of the resulting PST file may differ significantly from the size of the original OST file. The difference in file sizes can be explained by the different storage, archiving, and processing methods that are used by Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook when working with OST files.
    • The converted PST file will be in Unicode format (which has been used since Microsoft Outlook 2007 to store more than 2GB of data in a single file).
    • The service can read and convert OST files that are password protected
    • The service can read and convert OST files that are encrypted
    • The converted PST file will not be encrypted or password-protected, however.
    • The original OST file and the converted PST file will be kept on the server for 10 days from the date that the original file was uploaded to the server